Theofort Dubois.

“There's a whole world out there and I will see it. With or without anyone's permission.”


birthdate.1st of First Astral Moon

if i could breathe

i'd be free

brief overview.
Flirty and cheeky, this Elezen looks very approachable at first. It is only when you leave his company that you realize - you have been the one talking all along, and you don’t know anything about him.

Rare are the people who make a way through this facade - however, it is not impossible. He years for warmth and company and trust; the now-neverending winter of Coerthas always chilling him to the bone.


eyes.crimson red
hair.raven black
skinsickly pale

brief backstory.
Born to a pair of heretics who both partook in dragons' blood - and gave it to him when he was but a child - he hasn’t had a purpose in life until he died.

Reborn through a true dragon, he has rediscovered the magic in everyday life - both literally and figuratively; and so - he tries to live every day to the fullest...
However, he is fighting a madness not his own; and is therefore quite volatile.

i am holding redemption

in the palm of my hand

why can't i sing along with some feeling , or some meaning ? it feels like i've always been blind.